Next SNA Meeting 5-18-2016

The Sunnyland Neighborhood Association will be holding a public meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 6pm, at the Kulshan Brewing Co. on James St., in order to gather nominations for board positions, and to discuss the future of the Sunnyland Neighborhood Association itself. Elections will be held the following month on Wednesday, June 15, at 6pm. Nominations may be entered into consideration at any time up to the opening of elections on June 15. Please come to the meeting(s), and avail yourself of the ambience, and consider what and perhaps whom you would like to bring to the neighborhood to continue helping us pay attention to all the various interests that might like our input from time to time. Or maybe help organize the annual neighborhood picnic and membership drive, or launch a street tree grant, or initiate a traffic study. Whatever your interest, there is something for you. Thanks to all, see you at Kulshan, Wednesday, May 18, at 6pm


David Donohue and Patrick McKee

SNA Meeting Minutes – Oct 21, 2014

Sunnyland Neighborhood Association (SNA) – Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2014

Patrick McKee called the meeting to order at 6:35. All current board members, with the exception of Scott Emory, were present. Mike Rostron made a motion to approve the June 10, 2014 minutes and Polly Gilbert seconded – minutes approved.

Patrick asked if any of the neighbors present would like to discuss an issue:

Jill Nelson (2700 Grant Street) mentioned that she would be interested in finding out whether the SNA could design, build, and erect a neighborhood sign (announcing that one is entering the Sunnyland neighborhood) similar to those in the York and Lettered Streets neighborhoods. Discussion followed with ideas of where the sign could be located, businesses in the SN who might be willing to contribute funds, materials, or woodworking skills.

In trying to find the York neighborhood sign I met Ann Mackey who must have been involved in the establishment of the York sign. She told me that previously the COB offered “small and simple” grants which were used in many neighborhoods to produce neighborhood signage but this program no longer exists. She is very helpful and probably a good contact for us if we decide to pursue a Sunnyland sign.

Signage examples below:


 Patricia Alderete (2139 King Street) brought up the issue of parking along King Street. She feels that employees of businesses along James Street have no option other than parking, usually all day, along King Street. Patrick mentioned the work that the SNA had done to convince the COB Public Works Department to study the amount of cut-through traffic on King Street which resulted in the current traffic diversions and one way traffic (one-way south between Carolina and Virginia and one-way north between Carolina and Texas – the blocks between Kentucky and Virginia and Texas and Alabama are still two-way). This change has apparently reduced the problem on the two, one-way blocks however it appears there is still a parking problem between Kentucky and Virginia. Several options were discussed to deal with the parking problem the SNA board will ask the COB to observe the situation.

Agenda Items

DOT site – Patrick and Mike Rostron summarized the zoning decision the City Council made in July. The city has basically redefined the meaning of Residential Single Family Housing to include: 2-unit housing, cottage housing, carriage housing (where an apartment may be added over a garage), and detached accessory dwelling units and has revised the Sunnyland neighborhood plan and zoning (for the DOT site). What the current owners (Sunset Commons LLC) will propose is unknown at this point. The zoning change will allow 35 “primary” dwelling units to be constructed. No public process will be triggered if the site plan proposed by the owners follows the current zoning options. Clean up of the site was apparently required of the previous owners (DOT) and those present seemed to think no significant contamination had been discovered.

Bicycle Master Plan – James Street Bike Lanes & Grant and Ellis Bike Boulevards

 Discussion revolved around two items within the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP): A proposed James Street bike lane and bike boulevards proposed for Ellis and Grant streets.

The James street bike lane ranked number 4 on the BMP prioritization list and is listed as “further study needed” before a specific proposal can be made.

Bicycle boulevards (A bicycle boulevard is a local street or a series of contiguous street segments that have been designed to function as a through street for bicyclists, while discouraging automobile through-trips – BMP Chapter 4, p.61) for both Ellis and Grant streets are listed as “Medium Term” priorities with no definition of the timeline involved for implementation. For additional information see:


Verizon Cell Tower

 The design of the cell tower to be constructed between Lee’s Drive Inn and Links Optical has been reduced from 120’ to 100’ however the proponents still intend to provide space on the tower to other cell phone providers. A 35’ by 35’ building will still need to be constructed on this site. Residents within 500 feet of the proposed action will be notified of the public process that will occur since the proponents need to demonstrate the need for this action.

Hank Bledowski gave a Treasurers report and the meeting adjourned at 8:20. This will be fleshed out in greater detail in future meeting minutes.

Please send comments and/or corrections to Doug Couvelier SNA Secretary at

Sunnyland Artist

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Next SNA meeting 03-24-2015

The next Sunnyland Neighborhood Association meeting is at 6:30pm on Tuesday, March 24th at Trinity Lutheran church, 119 Texas St.

Mayor Linville with be with us to give a short address and do some question and answer time.

See you there!