Sunnyland gets a Green light

For those of you who have not yet learned Sunnyland got a win at the City Council meeting regarding the future Zoning of the DOT lot. The Amendment will move forward to the August 4th work group of the Council’s Planning Committee. Members of that committee are Jack Weiss, Gene Knutson and Roxanne Murphy.

There’s lots of information out there so rather than repeat it, please see for articles from a couple different Sunnyland neighbors. Reportedly there is also an upcoming article in the Herald. Also if you are so inclined don’t forget you can watch the video online at or and click on video icon for July 21st meeting.

Thanks for all your support neighbors, we couldn’t have achieved this without it.

Public Notice – 7/14/2014

The Bellingham Planning Dept. is trying to force Multi-Family rental housing into an area of Single-Family homes in the Sunnyland neighborhood. The Planning Dept. wants to “rezone” vacant land located between Sunset Dr. and Illinois St, adjacent to St Sophia Church. The land is commonly referred to as “the DOT Site”.
On July 21, 2014, at 7:00PM, at City Hall, 210 Lottie St, the Bellingham City Council will hold a Public Hearing to consider an amendment to the Sunnyland Neighborhood Plan. The Planning Dept. proposal wants changes, which would permit “Residential Multi-Family” housing, throughout the four acre DOT Site. The proposal calls for “medium” density development. However, the DOT Site will evolve over time into a higher density rental housing area.
A Sunnyland Neighborhood Association (SNA) proposal is also on the agenda at the City Council meeting. The SNA proposal designates the DOT Site a “Residential Single-Family Medium Density” area. This would permit the construction of 28 small, single family homes. The SNA proposal would prohibit multi-family housing forms, such as triplexes, and apartment buildings.
The DOT Site is currently zoned for Single Family detached homes on 5000sf and 10,000sf lots. The site is completely surrounded by land zoned for residential Single Family homes. The Sunnyland Neighborhood Association has stopped Planning Dept. attempts in 2008 and 2012 to introduce Multi-Family zoning in this area. SNA is committed to preserving the single family home character of Upper Sunnyland.
If you are opposed to the introduction of multi-family housing into Upper Sunnyland on the DOT Site, please come to the Public Hearing on 7-21-2014, and express your opposition. Many voices united can stop this multi-family rezone. You can also write to the City Council to express your opinion.
SEND E-MAIL TO:   LETTERS TO: City Council, 210 Lottie St, Bellingham WA 98225
View SNA Website at: