Ohio street corridor project open house December 16

The City of Bellingham Public Works invites you to attend an open house from 5:30-7p.m., Tuesday, December 16, 2014 in the cafeteria of Bellingham High School to look at proposals to install marked bicycle lanes along Ohio Street. Constructing pedestrian crossing improvements at the intersections of Ohio/Ellis and Ohio/Grant will complete the project.

To accommodate the bike lanes, parking will need to be removed from at least one side of Ohio Street. At the Open House citizens and business owners can view poster displays of existing conditions and some alternative street designs. Staff will be available to listen and answer questions.
Bike lanes were first recommended on Ohio Street in Bellingham’s 2006 Comprehensive Plan. In 2012, intersection crossing improvements at Ohio/Ellis were approved in the Pedestrian Master Plan and in 2014, the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) recommended intersection crossing improvements at Ohio/Grant. The BMP also recommends removing parking from at least one side of this 40-foot-wide arterial street to allow the installation of the bike lanes. Designing the intersection improvements requires information on how the bike lanes will be accommodated. Bike lane design depends on how parking is removed.
For more information visit the city web page for the Ohio Street Bike Lanes Cornwall to State or contact Chris Comeau, Transportation Planner at (360) 778-7900, or ccmeau@cob.org.
Media Contact:
Chris Comeau, AICP CTP
Transportation Planner
Public Works Department
Colleen Mitchell, P.E.
Project Engineer
Public Works Department

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SNA Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2014

Sunnyland Neighborhood Association (SNA) – Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2014

Polly Gilbert made a motion the approve the April 15, 2014 minutes and Mickey McDiarmid seconded – minutes approved.

Patrick McKee called the meeting to order at 6:30 and introduced Heather Higgins from Bellingham Public Works.
Heather provided background regarding the 2007 Washington Department of Health ruling that established the water meter installation guidelines that PW will be implementing in the Sunnyland Neighborhood in 2014 and 2015 with billing from the meters to follow in 2016. See http://www.cob.org/services/utilities/water-metering-program.aspx for more information.

Patrick then summarized the history of the “DOT” site purchased in 2007 by Sunset Commons LLC. Patrick discussed the difference between the SNA proposal and the Bellingham Planning Department Proposal and the upcoming Planning Commission meeting on June 12th.

A discussion occurred regarding the proposal by Verizon Wireless to construct a 120’ cell tower in the Sunnyland neighborhood. Currently the site selected is southwest of Lee’s Drive Inn however other locations would be considered according to a Verizon spokesman at public meeting held May 29th at the Bellingham Public Library.

Treasurer Hank Blewdowski reported that all Washington State and IRS filings are up to date and reported the SNA balance of funds.

Elections were held with the following results:

Chair – Patrick Mckee was appointed by the Board as Interim chair. Hank Bledowski nominated Patrick and Mickey McDiarmid seconded.

Position #1 – currently held by Scott Roberts
Mickey McDiarmid nominated Polly Gilbert and Patrick McKee seconded. Polly approved by all.

Position #2 – currently held by Polly Gilbert
Mickey McDiarmid nominated Scott Emory and Hank Bledowski seconded. Scott approved by all.

Position #3 – currently held by Mickey McDiarmid
Mickey McDiarmid nominated David Rogers and Patrick McKee seconded. David approved by all.

Position #4 – open
The board appointed Mike Rostron to Position #4 – Patrick McKee nominated Mike and Hank Bledowski seconded.

Sunnyland gets a Green light

For those of you who have not yet learned Sunnyland got a win at the City Council meeting regarding the future Zoning of the DOT lot. The Amendment will move forward to the August 4th work group of the Council’s Planning Committee. Members of that committee are Jack Weiss, Gene Knutson and Roxanne Murphy.

There’s lots of information out there so rather than repeat it, please see NWcitizen.com for articles from a couple different Sunnyland neighbors. Reportedly there is also an upcoming article in the Herald. Also if you are so inclined don’t forget you can watch the video online at  http://www.cob.org/services/education/btv10/live-stream.aspx or http://www.cob.org/government/meeting-materials.aspx and click on video icon for July 21st meeting.

Thanks for all your support neighbors, we couldn’t have achieved this without it.